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Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Would You Rather

I've never really cared much for the "Would You Rather" game. For those who aren't familiar with this game, "Would You Rather" is played by simply presenting two ludicrous choices to someone and forcing them to pick one. Once they've made their choice, they present an equally challenging set of choices right back at you. This game goes on and on for hours of fun until everyone is out of questions or until someone "would rather" play something else, which usually happens within the first few minutes. Not only do I have a difficult time determining any logical basis behind any of my answers (including my decision to agree to hit every red light for the rest of my life rather than be wrong for the rest of my life and my decision to have a magnetized head rather than have my eyes glued shut), I'm not creative enough under pressure to pose any good questions.

That said, I was playing "Would You Rather" this morning and I came up with a great though-provoking question - "Would you rather have water leak through your ceiling directly onto your head at 3 AM the day you are planning to leave for vacation OR would you rather look like Colonel Sanders for the rest of your life?" As I lay in my bed this morning with water dripping on my face, I couldn't help but envy the Colonel.