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Thursday, December 27, 2007

The Airport is No Place for Dignity or Self-Respect

When I’m at the airport and I see a person sprint passed me with their luggage, my first thought is to how ridiculous that person looks. I’m almost embarrassed for them. Yesterday I got to step into their shoes.

When I arrived at the airport, I knew I was early for my flight. I causally strolled to the kiosk to print out my ticket, opening doors for people on my way and acting like I didn’t have a care in the world. The kiosk didn’t pull my ticket up, so I waited patiently in line and finally spoke with the representative at the desk. She verified my flight information and then kindly notified me that I had showed up to the wrong airport.

The next hour was kind of a blur. I remember something about sprinting to my car with no regard for people in my way, driving in super slow traffic, cutting in line at the new airport, and scampering around from check-in to security and back over and over again with some Chinese guy to get on the flight. After running in circles and ringing the buzzer at the desk for at least the fifth time (since everyone at check-in had already left for the gate), a representative from another airline finally told me to stop ringing the buzzer because it was annoying the people around me. It finally sank in that I had missed my flight, and I became composed and relaxed once again. I rescheduled my flight and headed for the exit.As I was leaving the airport to go home, I saw some guy dashing in to catch his flight with no regard for his appearance or for the concept of lines since he obviously had no problem cutting in front of other people. I couldn’t help but roll my eyes. What an idiot.

Flying the Smelly Skies

When I fly, I always try to get an aisle seat. It keeps me from feeling claustrophobic, allows me to stretch my leg into the aisle, and also enables me to get up and use the restroom without having to wake anyone up.

Over Memorial Day weekend, I visited some friends in Austin. During the flight that took me from Orange County airport to Dallas (a 3-hour flight), I chose the final remaining aisle seat, since all the others available seating options were middle seats and I figured that the aisle would still be better even though it was the very back row. It turns out that having a seat in the bathroom would have been better. Throughout the flight, people were lined up to use the bathroom situated right behind my seat. Not only did I have someone’s butt hanging over my seat the majority of the time, I got a delightfully potent whiff every time someone finished using the commode and opened the door. By the time I landed I felt like I needed a shower.

(repost from May 15, 2007)

Hooray for Nudity

Today at the gym I had just finished working out my chicken legs and entered the men's locker room/bathroom to wash my hands and weigh myself on the scale, as I do at the end of every workout. As I entered the bathroom, I couldn't help but notice a naked obstruction in my pathway to the sink. Not only was this obstacle in my way, he was standing very confidently in front of the mirror combing his hair, apparently very comfortable with his nudeness. In order to make it all the way to the sink, I had to go way out of the way so as to not accidentally brush up against him. Eventually I was able to reach my destination unscathed, but it was still very traumatic.

I understand that it is a men's locker room, and as such it is necessary for people from time to time to change clothes. However, when I have to get naked in a locker room, I am very aware of my nudeness the whole time. It's take the shorts off, grab the new pair, and put the new pair on as quick as possible. I sometimes try to set records in my head to see how fast I can do it. So I just don't understand these guys that take off all of their clothes and then read the paper, comb their hair, talk on their cellphone, or do ANYTHING besides changing.

(repost from May 27, 2007)

Superman to the Rescue

Yesterday the fire alarm in our building went off, so we all marched down the steps and out into the front outside area of the building. I was walking next to a girl that I work with. Once outside, the girl I was with was caught her high heels on a step and started to tumble. I, being in the best position to catch her, heroically reached out my arms to stop her from falling. In the split second that followed, I noticed that my arms were positioned just right to grab her chest. Without thinking, I instinctively pulled my hands back. I ended up grabbing part of her arm as she sprawled awkwardly to the concrete below. Her knee started bleeding, so I bravely ran into the building with sirens blazing all around me to get some paper towels and a band-aid to stop the bleeding. She thanked me later for the band-aid. Another victory for this superhero!

(repost from May 31, 2007)

Bore-aholics Anonymous

The other day I happened upon a conversation between two women discussing the new books they were reading. One of them was reading a book called 'Maneater', which is an exciting tale of a woman who wants to marry a rich guy so she can have all the money in the world, but is conflicted because she has been caught up in the business world trying to work her way to the top which doesn’t allow her enough time to date and have a social life. As my eyes began to glaze over I determined that that had to be the most painfully dull book ever written. There was no way any book could possibly be worse.

Apparently I was wrong.

It turns out these women had just finished a series of books called the 'Shopaholic' series. It's not one book, but a series of books about a woman who justifies all the shopping she does and the purchases she makes. For me, just the thought of going shopping sends painful shocks through my system. The only thing I can possibly think of that could be worse is reading a book about someone else who is going shopping. I'll be picking this book up next week.


Monday, October 8, 2007

The Home Stretch

This week I should be heading back to California. That means I've been in Utah for just over a month. Sitting around for this amount of time gives a person a lot of time to think. Unfortunately for me, I spent most of that time watching tv and updating this blog. During the few moments I did spend thinking about things, I made the decision that my life would be better spent at home doing nothing rather than working at a 9 to 5 job. It can be hard at times and definitely isn't for everyone, but I think I could do it.

Regarding my health, I'm doing better every day. I'm still not allowed to pick up anything heavier than a plate of food and I'm not allowed to exercise. It's pretty great since I have other people to do the heavy lifting for me, although watching my mom change a tire as I stood by was tough - mostly because while she was dilly dallying with the jack and the tire, my milkshake was still too thick to drink through the straw. I had to use a spoon! It was one of the toughest things I did all day.

Monday, October 1, 2007

Still Here and Loving It

I know it has been a few days since my last post. I guess there just hasn't been that much to say. I'm still living with my parents. Yesterday I had to yell at my mom because she fixed my sandwich with turkey instead of ham. I'm sure you can understand.

Today is the first day that I am not taking any pain pills, so it's a little miserable, but I'll get through it. My last doctor appointment is this Friday, and I'm free to go back to California any time after that as long as I'm feeling up to it.


Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Exclusive USC Club

A few days ago my boss gave me a USC hat, which I'm sure he gave me as a way to officially make me an honorary USC fan. So it is with great pride that I dawned the USC hat as I watched them pummel Washington State. They almost looked as good as BYU.

Things have been going pretty well lately. I'm still addicted to delicious painkillers, mostly because they have been keeping the headaches to a minimum. I've been receiving some great letters, packages, etc... which I greatly appreciate. They are usually the highlight of my day... well, that and my walks around the block and errands I run with my mother to get out of the house. I included a posed picture of me on the couch where I spend most of my time. I figured it would be good for you all to see what I'm doing with my valuable time.

It's good to hear from everyone.


P.S. Go Cougs

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Fashion Statement

Not a whole lot to say today. I've been on a couple walks and I've been eating big boy food. The big news of the week so far has been the handicapped parking sticker I picked up. Now I get handicapped parking until March. No complaints here.

My fashion consultants from work helped me to select a hairstyle they said would be a total ladykiller. They've never been wrong before, so I went for it. Here is my new look:
I wish there was more cool stuff to say. For now this will have to do.


Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Home Again Home Again Jiggity Jig

Hey everyone! I guess it has been a little while since I have posted on this. I'm now back in the comforts of my own home and my meningitis is finally going away. Hopefully it stays gone, because to be honest it hasn't been all that fun. At least they gave me more steroids. I've been working out like crazy so I can bulk up before I return to HB. Okay, maybe not, but when I get back you are all still welcome to tell me I look super buff from the steroids.

I had a Spinal Tap the other day, which to be honest probably hurt more than the actual brain surgery. I've been learning that a doctor won't tell you that you will experience pain because that is a negative buzzword. But when a doctor says you might feel some pressure, that is really the same thing. Basically they make you pull down your pants and they stick a huge needle into your lower spine. Needless to say, I'm glad that is over.

I'm starting to feel better, and the support everyone has shown me by posting on the blog, making dinner, calling to see how I'm doing, and through care packages, which by the way have been awesome. It's all been very overwhelming.

Anyway, so now I begin to really recover and I'm hoping in a week or two I will be able to start functioning a little more normally in society (or at least as normally as I ever could).

Thanks again everyone,

Monday, September 17, 2007

Simple Pleasures

Not too difficult to make Logan happy. Appreciates those little things like:
*trip to doctors office to get staples out
*trip to DMV for temporary handicap tag
*visiting with people in waiting rooms
*being sympathetically ushered to the front of the line (the scar gets great attention)
*walking around/not being in bed all day
*taking a shower by himself
*watching recorded football games (BYU/UCLA; BYU/Tulsa)
*acting retarded and having people believe it
*getting fun packages and cards in the mail
*receiving visitors
*not having a headache all of the time
Pretty soon, he'll be able to keep up this blog by himself...
In the mean time, he has thoroughly enjoyed reading it.

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Home Again!

Big day today...Responded so well to medications in ICU, that Dr. Reichman released him at about noon today. Took some naps, and then was amazingly up for big family birthday celebration for Blake, Venna's husband, here at home. Refreshing to see him adding Logan-humor and singing fragments of songs as applicable. Now he's pretty exhausted. Tomorrow the staples come out. Good things are happening. Thanks to all of you for your concern.

Saturday, September 15, 2007

Two Steps forward, One step back - Not Down or Discouraged

Doesn't like ICU. Too many rules. Too many needles and tubes. Too many nosy questions. Too little privacy. Too much bad-tasting broth. No escape. Will be glad to move from ICU and into a room today. Doctor says he should be home by Monday. Sorry no pictures lately; I've been busy running him in a hurry to the hospital. Hair is about an eighth of an inch long.

Back to ER and ICU

Fever, stiffness, and pain led us back to the ER. After a painful spinal tap, Logan is back in ICU. Quite sure that after the antibiotic treatments he will be back on the fourth floor (neurosurgery ward) for awhile. They may let him do the IV antibiotics twice a day travelling from home. Still in good spirits...asked for his cell phone so that he could check messages (laptop is too cumbersome in ICU). Still such a social guy. Anyway, this sure explains why he has been so uncomfortable. The actual surgery shouldn't cause this tough a recovery. He insists that everything is just fine. He's a trooper.

Friday, September 14, 2007


Just found out from Uncle David (his neurologist) that pain is probably due to chemically induced meningitis...common with brain surgery. Logan was beginning to stiffen-up when he walked. Hard to move his head up and down. Anyway, it will pass, and at least explains the most prevalent pain. He'll do fine...still needs prayers. We send our love...

Resting at Home

Still in a great amount of pain. Looks forward to feeling well enough to keep this blog up on his own. In the mean time, you all mean the world to him. We've had plenty of time to determine what priorities are the most important in our lives right now. Logan's return to health is top on my list. My love to you all...Judy

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Full of Gratitude

So grateful to see Logan sleeping peacefully here at home...So grateful that the many complications that could have been are not...So grateful that he has been blessed with so many people to love...So grateful that he will not need to take any medications after the healing process is over...So grateful that he has never lost faith, hope, or humor through this entire process...So incredibly grateful (Logan's mom)...

Day Eight - Going Home

Hard to believe that Logan is already eight days into recovery. Looks forward to different bed, sleeping on his stomach, healthier food, less interruptions in the middle of the night, better TV, and more hair. Will miss...uh...well, I guess he won't miss the hospital...even though they have been pretty good to him.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Logan and Doctor Reichman

This is Logan and his awesome doctor.

Day Seven -Tumor Definitely Benign!!!

Great news from the lab. However, blood levels not good enough and headaches not gone enough to warrant discharge from the hospital yet. Still Logan's prognosis is excellent. Getting sick and tired of being sick and tired, but still as positive as possible. Nurses and aids love him...He always calls them by name and is so appreciative of their care, that they love checking in on him.

Monday, September 10, 2007

Still Day 6 - Visit from Cheerful Patient with Matching Scar

Still not feeling his very best, but perked up a bit when a sweet lady (who had a similar surgery performed this week) came to visit to show how good she is now feeling. He is ready for the long road ahead and insists on taking his walks and moving forward, no matter how difficult it is. He loves your comments, jokes, and expressions of support and love. Thanks sooo much.

A Minor Setback - Day 6

In terrible pain again, and nothing seems to work. At least, after yesterday, he knows what a good day feels like. We'll see if he actually goes home today.

Sunday, September 9, 2007

BYU Ward Carolers

Just a few minutes ago, BYU students came to lift Logan's spirits with beautiful hymn-singing. He loved it and sang along as best he could. It was great!

Oh All Right...The Shower Story

On day three, Logan was miserable and drowsy enough that he couldn't shower by himself. The doctor wanted his head gently scrubbed so that he could clearly see the incision. Anyway, the CNA (a girl), put on a raincoat and showered him. Enough said.

Day Five - Amazing Improvement

Red letter day! Asking for fewer pain meds. Talking up a storm. Taking a lot of walks. Shaved, showered, eating a bit more. Should be released tomorrow to go home to Spanish Fork for major recuperation. Oh, and great CT scan results.

Saturday, September 8, 2007

Day Four - CT scan, Resting

Still a bit miserable, has gone from percocet to morphine. Still wants to take his walks and showers in spite of the pain. Bleeding has stopped. Always asks how I (Mom) am doing. CT scan today to see if everything is still healing well. Wants to enjoy the UCLA /BYU game, but the hospital doesn't get that channel.

Friday, September 7, 2007

Day Three - A Rough Day

Logan continues to keep up the great attitude in spite of nausea, constant pain, and bleeding from the incision. He still is determined to take his walks and asks about friends and family. Not much in his stomach today, and sleeping as much as possible to forget about the discomfort. He loves to hear from you. I read all of your comments to him. Thanks so much...

Thursday, September 6, 2007

Day Two - Pretty as a Picture

Logan was relieved to move from ICU and "back home" into his pre-surgery room on the neuro-surgery ward. They saved room 497 for him, because it is the biggest room on the floor and has a nice sleeper-couch for Mom. The nurses on this ward are wonderful. One nurse carefully made him this "skull and crossbones" beanie cap to cover the bandages. Venna, Jenna, and Lanny took him for a walk through the halls...he doesn't want to lose his buff physique. His head is swelling quite a bit, and his left eye is blackening, but other than that, his smiling face is pretty as a picture.

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Logan post surgery pic

Just trying to let him rest and keep him as comfortable as possible. He's feeling a lot of pain and headaches. Overall, things are going as planned, but they say this is the "hardest day" to get through.

News from Logan's Mom

I am sitting in Logan's ICU hospital room, so incredibly grateful for this optomistic outcome. He has already caused laughter among the nurses. When he was barely out of the recovery room and placed in ICU, the nurse was testing his cognitive abilities and asked where he was from. "New Zealand," he said. When he saw me for the first time, He said, "Mommy!!!" He actually has a monster headache and nausea, which can't be easily controlled at this point. And so the healing begins... He thrives on your love and prayers, and I love you all. I am overwhelmed by your support.

Update from Lanny

Good news!!!

12:15 PM Surgery Success!

Logan is out of surgery and the doc says it went extremely well. The tumor is completely out and it seems everything is looking good. He said the optic nerve was "squeezed" a little and might take some time to recover, but may very well heal from this. Logan came conscious for a bit, long enough to comment about how he had a bad haircut, and to tell the doctor he could see him holding up his fingers on the right side of his vision.

More updates as they come...

Update from Lanny

10:55 AM (all these times are MST) Tumor is out. Closing him up now.

Apparently the tumor is already out, which was faster than expected, which seems to be a very good thing. We're now waiting for the doctor to give us a more solid status update and explanation.

Update from Lanny

6:50 AM Logan went in to surgery, comforted by family and friends.

After a family prayer, Logan was wheeled off into surgery, still in good humor and keeping a smile.

The surgeon is noted to be one of the best there is. Apparently the tumor is wrapped around his optic nerve. They say that may make the surgery last a while, from 2 to 8 hours. The nurses are all very positive about the skill of the doctor and his staff. Hopes are high.

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Out of Commission

I will be having surgery first thing tomorrow. My brother Lanny will be updating this blog while I'm out of commission. He will post the status of the surgery tomorrow as soon as he knows it. He and my mother will be answering my phone for the next few days, so if you need to reach them, you can still call my phone.

In case anyone is wondering, I will probably be at the hospital for 5 days after the surgery, and then will be recooperating at my parent's residence for the remainder of September. That address is
1202 South 1000 East
Spanish Fork, UT 84660

Big Day - Thanks to All

It's been a crazy weekend for me. Over the past few months, my eyesight has been fading, but I thought it was only that I needed glasses. On Friday and Saturday I realized it had to be more since I could no longer see well enough to drive. After an ER visit, a couple MRI's, and a trip to Utah, I'm going to have brain surgery tomorrow morning to remove a brain tumor. It still seems surreal to me, which is good because it hasn't really sunk in.

I can't even express how grateful I am for the love and support everyone has shown me. I am so lucky to have friends and family that will drop everything to come be at my side. I am very lucky.

I want everyone to know that I have full intentions of recovering 100% from this. I've had a church blessing to that effect, I've got a top notch doctor, and I've got more prayers than I can count. This is truly one of those times when faith is really tested, but I am actually not the least bit afraid. If things ended now (which they won't), I can honestly say that I would be ready to go and that I know exactly where I would be going. Maybe that is why I am completely calm. That is one of the reasons I love the church.

But again, I'm going to pull through this without any problems. I just want to again say thanks to everyone for their support. I look forward to speaking to you all soon.

If any of this doesn't seem to make sense, I blame it on the tumor, the fact that it is really late and I'm having surgery in a few hours, and the hospital food.

Nurse, cancel the rest of my patients

I finally got my MRI results and I figured that everyone would be interested in seeing what the tumor looks like. Apparently mine is a pretty unique situation. Rather than calling it a tumor "extraction" they call this a tumor "delivery". Depending on the difficulty they may even need to do a C-Section. If it is healthy I will name it Judy, after my mother.

Go Time

I'm not sure what I have gotten myself into, but it looks like there is no turning back now. I will be surgerized first thing manana. That means that I should be back to my regular daily routine by next week. All you ladies clear your schedules. Maybe we'll do lunch.

I'm not sure how long the surgery is supposed to be. The doctor says anywhere from 2 hrs to 8, so in other words he doesn't want to be pinned down.

Monday, September 3, 2007

Get a real job

So far there isn't too much news to report. I'm sitting in a hospital bed at Utah Valley Regional Hospital (1034 N 500 W, rm E497, Provo, UT 84604). I'll be here until I am surgerized, which will most likely be Wed or Thurs. The doc will let me know tomorrow morning (so I've been told). He's pretty confident that this will all work out just fine.

After looking at the antiquated MRI images I gave him from Irvine Regional Hospital, he decided to make me do another MRI scan so he could be more certain on how he should proceed. I told him not to waste his time and to just be grateful for what he had. I told him it's not like it is Rocket Science. Sheesh. After an awkward silence I decided to just let the baby win and so I did another MRI test. I guess after he chews on them tomorrow he'll be able to tell me more.

Brain Surgery for Dummies

As many of you know, I'm having surgery requiring doctors to crack my skull open like a walnut to look for candy or a tumor or some other random type of thing. So I figured this would be a good place to put updates on what is going on so that everyone can be in the loop. My mom and/or other family members will be updating this often. Feel free to post comments as I will be reading this from time to time during my recovery process and I would love to hear from all of you.

Tuesday, July 3, 2007