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Friday, September 14, 2007

Resting at Home

Still in a great amount of pain. Looks forward to feeling well enough to keep this blog up on his own. In the mean time, you all mean the world to him. We've had plenty of time to determine what priorities are the most important in our lives right now. Logan's return to health is top on my list. My love to you all...Judy


Karen said...

Gee, Judy, does that mean that taking care of Logan takes priority over, say, being online? Duh! I certainly hope no one is trying to put any pressure on you to do anything else BUT take care of your boy. Logan could not have better care. I always told my children if they ever met anyone that loved them any where near as much as I did, they should marry them.

I'm also looking forward to Logan being able to update the blog, I miss hearing his "voice". He always makes me laugh.

So Logan, as soon as you can, please let us hear from you personally. After all, it's your job to entertain all of us, right?

And pictures... I want more pictures!!!

Love ya,

Karen & Michael, Heather & Matt, Afton & clayton

Cathy said...

Hi Logan,

You're haircut AND mine are unique now. I went it for a little color job and I was thinking like a nice chocolate brown color and came out with more of a reddish brown with eggplants tints. :) I thought color was more of an elementary subject but apparently some people don't have a handle on it yet and you know, should probably stay away from things like SALONS. Oh well. I'm sure when you come back it won't be too crazy but at least we could sit by eachother at church and laugh.

You're on the road to recovery! One day at a time. So glad you're doing alright. Distractions are supposed to help with pain so maybe I'll let you have those magazines back... ;)