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Monday, September 3, 2007

Get a real job

So far there isn't too much news to report. I'm sitting in a hospital bed at Utah Valley Regional Hospital (1034 N 500 W, rm E497, Provo, UT 84604). I'll be here until I am surgerized, which will most likely be Wed or Thurs. The doc will let me know tomorrow morning (so I've been told). He's pretty confident that this will all work out just fine.

After looking at the antiquated MRI images I gave him from Irvine Regional Hospital, he decided to make me do another MRI scan so he could be more certain on how he should proceed. I told him not to waste his time and to just be grateful for what he had. I told him it's not like it is Rocket Science. Sheesh. After an awkward silence I decided to just let the baby win and so I did another MRI test. I guess after he chews on them tomorrow he'll be able to tell me more.


Krista said...

Logan! I love that you're keeping us posted through your blog! And, just for the record, I used to work for a flower shop in Provo and delivered flowers to UVRMC all the time. And I used to go there all the time in graduate school to have a quiet place to study. HOURS and HOURS I have spent there.... Anyway, pretty much trivial and irrelevant, but just wanted to say hi. Labor Day in HB was humid and hot, and typical, so you didn't miss much, but were definitely missed!!!! Take care, and have fun with your MRI tomorrow.

Anonymous said...

Hi Logan,

All of us back at Altiris/Symantec are thinking of you and trust you'll have a speedy recovery.

Get well Pappy.

Steve and team

orlando said...
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orlando (Lanny) said...

^^ I messed up and look, now it says comment deleted. sheesh. Now everyone can see how I messed up on a simple message.

I'm glad you put that doctor in his place.


Anonymous said...

Hey Logan! :)
I'm praying for you, cousin.
And I can honestly say that I know somewhat about what you're going through (having been brain surgerized myself :)
We'll have to get together and compare battle scars.
Much love,
Cousin Dave

P.S. Chicks dig scars :)

Sara S said...

Hey Logan!
I heard the news and will be checking your blog for updates so I can visit you after surgery. My thoughts and prayers are with you.


Afton Bolz said...

Hey Logan!

Thanks so much for keeping us updated. We are with you (metaphysically) and are praying hard for you. We love you!!


rhyll said...

logan, how did they find the tumor in the first place?

Lezlie Wagner said...

wow... hang in there, and thanks for keeping us updated. You have got a lot of people who love you out here!

Anonymous said...


I guess yelling at the girl at lenscrafters was all in vain (but probably worth it). I'm also glad I didn't make the Arnold comment "it's not a tumor!" last week when you were mentioning your headaches...seriously, take care and best wishes for a speedy recovery. I will try to pick up the slack and keep the humor flowing around the office while you are out.
All the best buddy and I will see you soon! I am planning to be in Salt Lake on Sept. 19th-21st, so I will visit.
Way to keep your chin up and may you have a speedy recovery!!

PS...ask the doctor if they have any bionic implants available!

orlando (Lanny) said...

Bionic implants would be sweet. If he agrees to that, see if he'll do a 2 for 1 deal so that I can get in on it. I'd go with heat vision, because I'd like to be able to microwave my food while I'm sitting in front of the TV.

Also, if I get a brain implant, I want one that has the internet.


Suzanne & Ben said...

Logan we love you. Can't wait until everything gets set straight up there in your noodle.
I think this calls for another trip to The Austin! Lucas misses your singing and we miss your smashing sense of humor, such as.

Here's to a speedy recovery!
-Boozer & Ben