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Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Home Again Home Again Jiggity Jig

Hey everyone! I guess it has been a little while since I have posted on this. I'm now back in the comforts of my own home and my meningitis is finally going away. Hopefully it stays gone, because to be honest it hasn't been all that fun. At least they gave me more steroids. I've been working out like crazy so I can bulk up before I return to HB. Okay, maybe not, but when I get back you are all still welcome to tell me I look super buff from the steroids.

I had a Spinal Tap the other day, which to be honest probably hurt more than the actual brain surgery. I've been learning that a doctor won't tell you that you will experience pain because that is a negative buzzword. But when a doctor says you might feel some pressure, that is really the same thing. Basically they make you pull down your pants and they stick a huge needle into your lower spine. Needless to say, I'm glad that is over.

I'm starting to feel better, and the support everyone has shown me by posting on the blog, making dinner, calling to see how I'm doing, and through care packages, which by the way have been awesome. It's all been very overwhelming.

Anyway, so now I begin to really recover and I'm hoping in a week or two I will be able to start functioning a little more normally in society (or at least as normally as I ever could).

Thanks again everyone,


Suzanne & Ben said...

Those doctors are full of it. They tell you that you will feel "pressure" when you give birth, too. Pressure? Oh, you must mean that feeling you have when your body is being ripped apart because there is a human being trying to escape out of you. Pressure...
Sorry about the spinal tap. I'm sure it was dreadful. You're such a stud.
I hope you continue posting daily updates on your life even when things are back to normal. You can tell us about work and stuff. What else will we do online if we can't read about Logan?

Aunt Sandy said...

I remember attending a LaMaze class when pregnant with Jared (#5) - a silly requirement, I felt, to have husband present during the birth, since we had been thru the drill before... Anyway, on the subject of "pain"... In the class, the instructor said, "Well, just think of it as intense..." I, of course, piped up, "Yeah, intense pain..." She didn't like my addition to her lecture. But, what can you do? The truth is the truth!

In dentistry, we tell patients they will feel a little "pinch" when giving an injection. I remember going to Mexico (Guadalajara) to work on children in orphanages with Dr. Seal years ago. We would say it would be "just a little pinch" or "pinchecito"! Of course, that was only when the children were in HIS chair, not mine. My job was to do the cleanings. The kids began to tell me, "I only want to go in your chair." or, "If I go in your chair, do I have to go in his chair, too?"

Ok, patient's here... back to work!
Love you Logan - keep up the Jiggity Jigging and mainly improving~!

Aunt Sandy

Mikelle said...

Hey Logan,

It's great to hear from you again. I'm glad you are finally starting to feel better. We'll keep praying for you and hopefully the meningitis will stay far away! And anything else for that matter...

Some good news about your spinal tap - when your future wife is in labor and about to get an epidural, you can be super sympathetic because you now know exactly what if feels like. Isn't it great to know that you'll be such a good support to her? I think so.

Well, I hope you continue to feel better because you've been through enough already. Please continue to keep us updated because we love to hear how you're doing... Take care!

marahaahaa said...

how long are you going to be in Utah. I'd like to come up and see you.


Anonymous said...


Ok, now that you're feeling a little better it's time to start milking that nice cut up top there. Shave that head of yours fully and show it off to as many hott blondes, brunettes, and any other pleasing to the eye ladies you can find! Let the female compassion work for you! Work your magic hermano! Keep up the good attitude and don't watch the last two Cougar games...

Chris & Annette Flint

Anonymous said...


Superman is special not only because of his physical strength, but perhaps more importantly because of his great attitude. No matter how difficult the circumstances, his superior state of mind is what allows him to win over his adversaries. Your cheerful attitude and determination – under extremely difficult conditions – is evidence of your inner strength and great character. I believe you have earned your place among the Superhero’s! Keep on keeping on. We very much look forward to your return.


Cathy said...


You're home!

Sweet! Sorry to hear about the meningitis. That's rough. Sheesh. And the spinal tap - OW! I hear that's KIND OF what it feels like when a girl gets an epideral. So now you have an understanding of the pain women experience. So when your wife punches you in the face during labor, you will have some sympathy :)

So, when are you coming back to HB?? We miss you tiger.


Karen said...

I'm still waiting for pictures - I want more pictures!! Judy told me you're "unhooked" now and a free man, and that you even walked around the block yesterday. That's great news. And you can shower all by yourself? Wow, like being six again, eh?
Along with the countless others, I am glad to hear your "voice" again. It sounds wonderful.
Hey, think you'll still be in Utah Oct 20th? I'm working with Michael to try to finagle a way for us to come out for the BYU home game. Maybe they won't suck too bad that night. It would be awesome to see you. Besides, I can't imagine anyone in Huntington Beach being more important to see than me!
By the way, who is Paulo and how do you know him. He should share a bill on Comedy Central with you.
Love ya,
Karen & Michael & family

crashburnrepeat said...

Wow! You are really milking this brain surgery thing man! you are going to be fighting the chicks off with a stick!

And don't forget, you can milk the whole "forgetfullness" thing the rest of your life! I have been milking a couple lousy concussions for about ten years now. I can't imagine what you're going to get out of brain surgery!

You're right, you gotta watch the whole "pressure" thing. Once a doctor told me I would feel some "pressure", then he pulled a bone out of the side of my foot! After the swearing was over, i told him if I felt any more pressure like that, he was going to feel some pressure from my foot in his back side. You can try that if they threaten any more procedures on you. They won't take you serious though if you can't stand up easy. Don't ask me how I know that.

Take it easy man, we're still praying for you. You're doing awesome and you'll be through this in no time. We get so busy in life that occasionally it takes something like this to make you realize how non-important the normal stuff is and how important the little things we usually overlook are.

keep it up and when you are ready for a shooting trip to go blast some clay birds, drop me a line.

until you unscramble a bit, we'll keep you in our prayers bud.

Matt and the family