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Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Go Time

I'm not sure what I have gotten myself into, but it looks like there is no turning back now. I will be surgerized first thing manana. That means that I should be back to my regular daily routine by next week. All you ladies clear your schedules. Maybe we'll do lunch.

I'm not sure how long the surgery is supposed to be. The doctor says anywhere from 2 hrs to 8, so in other words he doesn't want to be pinned down.


Ashlee said...

Logan....Crazy that you were actually telling the truth on Saturday night when you had to interrupt our "chat" to go to take care of your headache. All of this time I thought it was just sly way to get out of the conversation. I'm sorry for judging. So sorry.

I'll be thinking of you tomorrow, and you'll be in my prayers. Take care of yourself....I'll be looking for your E-VIL Self next week!
Talk to you soon
Ashlee McD

Cathy said...

Logan, Logan, Logan...

I love that you're still just cracking jokes :) I should have added something about skulls and hospitals in your "to-do" list at church the other day. I mean, you took care of everything else so quickly...even the magazines (and I know that was a tough one for ya). I have full confidence that you will face this new "to-do" with as much success.

Always praying. Can't wait to see ya next week :)


marahaahaa said...

I will begin summoning the dark spirits on your behalf. Most people don't this, but every dark spirit has a medical degree. They'll be able to guide the doctor's in doing the best thing for your head.

linds said...

Good luck Logan! You are such an optomist! You are a great example to all of us. We are praying for you, and eager for you to return!

Mikelle said...

Hey Logan,

Good luck tomorrow... We wish we could be there with you. You're in our thoughts and prayers.

Jeremy and Mikelle

P.S. After the surgery make sure you get a sponge bath from one of the (cute, single) nurses. :)

Mikelle said...
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Aunt Sandy said...

I can't remember when my knees have been this calloused from being down on them! You must rate, dear nephew! Lots n lots of prayers are being and have been said in your behalf. And those prayers go with lots n lots of love from me and all of your cousins!

Let's plan on a visit n a BBQ when you are back in Cali!

Love you!