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Saturday, September 15, 2007

Back to ER and ICU

Fever, stiffness, and pain led us back to the ER. After a painful spinal tap, Logan is back in ICU. Quite sure that after the antibiotic treatments he will be back on the fourth floor (neurosurgery ward) for awhile. They may let him do the IV antibiotics twice a day travelling from home. Still in good spirits...asked for his cell phone so that he could check messages (laptop is too cumbersome in ICU). Still such a social guy. Anyway, this sure explains why he has been so uncomfortable. The actual surgery shouldn't cause this tough a recovery. He insists that everything is just fine. He's a trooper.


Suzanne & Ben said...

Oh Logan,
We love you. I hope you start to feel better soon. You're such a trooper! Wish we could be there with you.

ATG said...

First of all, props to Judy. I noticed she was bogging at 2:57 AM. Nice to see the upper generations embracing the internet with such passion. I bet after Logan fakes his own death (like on the A-team) so he can spend the next 50-years on a beach in Mexico and soak up the sun while he launders money from offshore businesses and dresses in white suites and big-rimmed hats walking with a cane and calling people ‘son’ as he strolls down the boardwalks stepping over poor Mexican street vendors selling handmade ponchos…anyways I bet after all that Judy keeps bogging with everyone, which will be cool. So I guess something really good came out of all this stuff after all.
ATG – Was Here

Ed said...

Logan, this pain--like your old tumor--is all in your head.

Hope you are feeling better by kickoff, Ed

Anonymous said...


I am so sorry to hear about the continued pain. Random question, which do you think is more painful, brain surgery or child birth? Wouldn't it suck to have gone through all this pain over the last week just to find out that the pain your future wife will feel in child birth still trumps anything you can go through? Or do you think when your future wife is giving birth and is screaming at you and swearing and saying that you have no idea what kind of pain she's in, you can cooly say... pleeeassee, this is nothing? I just think it would be cool if at the very least you could walk away from this whole experience knowing that you've pretty much experienced it all, and still came off king of the mountain.

I hope you get to feeling better soon. We're all praying for you. Keep updating the blog, I check it like every hour, I'm a total addict.

I wish we could be there to watch the game with you. I'm coming into town next week. We're going to watch the game one way or another. Talk to you soon.


Jeremy & Mikelle

Karen said...

Oh my, I'm so sorry to hear you're back in the hospital and at ICU, Logan. Yesterday I was talking on the phone with your mother and you were asking about watching a movie. It was so good to hear your voice, and I was bolstered by even that bit of "up-ness."

Our prayers have never ceased in your behalf, and I know the Lord is still watching over you.

I read the blog about comparing childbirth to what you've been through. I think it's safe to say (barring your future one-armed, cycloptic wife having horrible complications that require more surgery that is currently known in today's medical community), you will have been through more than she will go through. But just the same, don't ever take her - or what she's going through - for granted! Wait until she's home, fully recovered, and her hormones are back in balance BEFORE you tell her that what she just went through was nothing! (Even then you may have to sleep with one eye open.)

The one redeeming quality of childbirth is that at the end of it all you have a baby.

By the way, did they let you keep your bundle of joy? And was it a girl like you expected?

We love you Logan, more than you know.

Michael & Karen & family!!