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Friday, September 7, 2007

Day Three - A Rough Day

Logan continues to keep up the great attitude in spite of nausea, constant pain, and bleeding from the incision. He still is determined to take his walks and asks about friends and family. Not much in his stomach today, and sleeping as much as possible to forget about the discomfort. He loves to hear from you. I read all of your comments to him. Thanks so much...


Carpfam said...

We were so glad to hear that everything went alright with your surgery. We are praying for you and hope that the nausea goes away quickly. All our love.
Liz, Matt, Maddie and Olivia

Bryan Hinton said...

Sorry to hear that today wasn't as great Log-Dawg. Hopefully the hospital gets Versus and you can take your mind off of things by watching a little Cougar football tomorrow. Logan's family - thanks for keeping us all updated. We are thinking and praying for him all the time.

Karen said...

Well Logan, today is a new day. Our prayers are that today will be your best one yet. "This too shall pass" comes to mind, but when you are in the midst of tremendous challenges that's sometimes difficult to appreciate. Keep that wonderful humor of yours, it will sustain you through the worst of times. When I had some abdominal surgery about 16 years ago, it was an emergency and drastic. Yet the nurses INSISTED I get up and walk (kudos for you to wanting to walk). Our closest friends came to visit us and while they were walking with me (okay, crawling while vertical), whenever he passed the nurses station he'd toss some coins on the floor near this one nurse who was wearing a dress (think "Splash"). I laughed so hard I crumbled to the floor. Every time we passed that nurses station he did that. The pain was searing - especially when I laughed, but it really lightened my mood and I always looked forward to his "sick" visits. I don't know if that helps at all, just thought I'd share it.

Love ya lots - Karen & Michael, Heather & Matt, Afton & Clayton

Anonymous said...

Dear Logan,
The nausea you are experiencing is more common during gestation. Post delivery difficulties are usually despair and moodiness. Since you do not know how to do either one I gues you are stuck with keeping the rest of us in a good mood.

Much Love, Gramps

Grandma said...

Precious Logan,

We were sad yesterday to see you looking so "un-Logan" -- hurting and wishing this ordeal was totally behind you. We'll ALL be glad when that time comes! Because it was obvious that you needed rest and quiet we didn't stay -- except for leaving with you much love and concern for your hurting! We'll all be so happy when your recovery time is behind you and you can be carefree and enjoying life again.-- So I leave you with a favorite "maxim" of mine: "TIME ALWAYS PASSES!" and whoopee! You will be back to your dear beloved Logan self again, surrounded (physically or not) by those who dearly love you. Of course you know we and so many others'prayers are with you.

Love always, Grandma Roberts

Anonymous said...

again if this is you just playing hard to get i dont like it. miss you so much no one is as fun to watch movies with as you so come home. feel better your in all my families prayers. steph

Anonymous said...

Greetings and salutations Logan! This is Ryan Squire, an old admirer of your skills with the women in California. I am out in Maine on vacation but we found Internet access and I thought I would drop you a line.
I was sad to hear a piece of your mind had gone abnormal. They say the more you use those things, the better chance of something happening.
I miss the talks and therapy sessions of Huntington Beach with you and Rick. My prayers and thoughts are with you.
Get a number of one of those cute nurses!!!
Your friend Ryan

marahaahaa said...

I went jogging today and got two blisters. THey hurt real bad. And you thought you had it rough. Buck up. You're not the only one with recovering to do. I can't run for like two days.

Anonymous said...

Logan! We're getting ready to leave for the BYU-UCLA game and I'm so bummed that your not here to go with us. It just won't be the same. We're going to catch the Sept 22nd BYU vs Air Force game in Provo. I hope your feeling better. It was awesome to hear your voice the other day and know that you haven't lost your incredible attitude. You have so many friends who are constantly praying for your quick recovery. I hope you really understand that everyone at work has been inspired by your incredible courage and ability to overcome this. We are all here to help. I hope you get to listen to the game today. See you soon.

Love, Jeremy & Mikelle

Anonymous said...

I love and miss you.
I always knew you were way to smart, now I know why.
JoAnna Barnes 9-8-07

I have a lot of work for you, so you better hurry home - I miss you! Your friend Viviane

Brett said...


Just another person praying for you and hoping your recovery goes more smoothly tomorrow (they're a dime a dozen these days I'm sure :) ). We appreciate the updates on how you are doing (thanks Logan's family) and wish you a speedy recovery - and Go Cougars - win one for the Log-Dawg!

ATG said...

Logan, I'm totally with you on this endurance thing. Today was Saturday and my baby boy (Logan) woke me up like at 7:30 AM when I was trying to sleep in. So yea, I know the pain you're going through. For a moment when I was getting up I kind of regretted naming him Logan (after you), but then I thought, "Hey, in a few more years I'll be able to give him spankings,” and in a small way I’ll will be able to vent some of the built up hostility from all those times you beat my at racquetball. So, I don’t where I was going with that, but here in CO. the local Wendy’s restaurant is running a special on hamburgers for 50-cents each. Man, that’s a good deal. If nothing else, that should give you something to live for. - - - - ATG Was Here