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Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Day Seven -Tumor Definitely Benign!!!

Great news from the lab. However, blood levels not good enough and headaches not gone enough to warrant discharge from the hospital yet. Still Logan's prognosis is excellent. Getting sick and tired of being sick and tired, but still as positive as possible. Nurses and aids love him...He always calls them by name and is so appreciative of their care, that they love checking in on him.


Gately Family said...


That is wonderful news! Now the healing can truly begin with zeal and without that ominous cloud hanging overhead.

I have some wonderful meals planned for you Logan so rest up so you can come home. If you are not coming home today I may need to make a delivery.

All our love and prayers to you,

Tamara,Shawn, McKenna, Jonah and Griffin

Anna said...

YYYYEEEESSSS! That is great new Logan! We are all cheering for you at SVN! I'm headed out right now to celebrate!

Orlando (Lanny) said...

I'm so glad to hear this Logan.


aunt sandy said...

What WONDERFUL news Logan! That's terrific! Must be so confirming to you to hear that - I know we have all felt things would be okay, as in all of our prayers.

So, have you picked out a nurse to bring home with you to help continue to nurse you back to health? I know everyone things it's so great how you know all their names - but it just seems maybe you have a vested interest?! LOL

Honestly, Logan, we love you and daily pray for your improvement and good health.

Aunt Sandy

ThomCarter said...

This is great news.

Way to go on treating the nurses and aids great. They control EVERYTHING (especially the food)

You are a genius!

Mikelle said...

That is fantastic news Logan! I'm so happy for you. Hopefully your headaches will start going away so you can go home!

Thanks again to Logan's family for keeping us updated on his progress. We sure appreciate it!

Karen said...

Hi there Logan!!

We can't begin to express our thankfulness to Heavenly Father for guiding your caregivers and seeing you through this tremendous challenge. The news about the tumor being benign is the most welcome news of all!

I know you'll go home soon and the days will just keep getting better and better. Your spirit and spunk will take you far.

And I agree with everyone - you have some serious ulterior motives in your dealings with your nurses -but hey, I can hardly blame you (way to be smart!).

We love you and you're still in our prayers - Michael & Karen and gang