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Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Exclusive USC Club

A few days ago my boss gave me a USC hat, which I'm sure he gave me as a way to officially make me an honorary USC fan. So it is with great pride that I dawned the USC hat as I watched them pummel Washington State. They almost looked as good as BYU.

Things have been going pretty well lately. I'm still addicted to delicious painkillers, mostly because they have been keeping the headaches to a minimum. I've been receiving some great letters, packages, etc... which I greatly appreciate. They are usually the highlight of my day... well, that and my walks around the block and errands I run with my mother to get out of the house. I included a posed picture of me on the couch where I spend most of my time. I figured it would be good for you all to see what I'm doing with my valuable time.

It's good to hear from everyone.


P.S. Go Cougs


Amy said...

Hey, that couch looks good on you!

And I like the sprouting hair... but what's happening to your chin?

Enjoy SF for us... say hello to my in-laws. I hope you get to go to a BYU game or two??

Karen said...

Thank you so much for the new photos, Logan. You are looking pretty amazing, those drugs must be very, very good! And, as always, it's great to hear your "voice."

Just a suggestion. Get a little milk and put it on your chin. Let a cat lick that fuzz off your face and you'll be good as new!

I'm so glad you're feeling and doing better. Myriads of prayers are being answered!

All our love,

karen & michael & family

Kendra said...

Logan that scar is so cool.

The Gately Family said...

It has been so good to see your progress and are truly amazed that you are doing as well as you are.

We are continually praying for you and gratefully pleased to see that those prayers are being heard and answered.

Happy for you that you have been able to enjoy the BYU games!

We love you Logan!!

Anonymous said...


Megan and I have been checking up on you via your blog for the past couple of weeks. Glad to hear you are doing well. Can't wait until you are back to So Cal so we can get together for lunch or to watch a BYU game. Know that you have been in our thoughts and prayers. check out our site. www.clarkeandmeganbowen.com

Talk to you soon. CB

aunt sandy said...

Hi Logan,
Great hat! And great haircut!! Well, all I can say is I wish I could have your job these days - well, maybe for just a week or two... I imagine you are getting a bit bored by it? Sorry to hear about the headaches. David was so young when he had his surgery and then in the hospital for another 2 months so we expected him to be down in bed! No other choice! But being home, I imaging you start thinking you ought to feel better and be doing more! So - remember the 2 months your cousin had to help put things into perspective. I must say, you are being a much better sport than he was! Of course at 5 he didn't have the same understanding about it all!

I think about you often, pray for you daily, as do the kids, and focus on a good, happy outcome down the road for you.

Lots n lots of love,
Aunt Sandy (and group!)

Katie said...

Logan! Welcome to the SC family! That hat looks amazing on you. Now all you have to do is admit that BYU stinks in football and USC is #1 :)


f*bomb. said...

Dang, Logan...
At first I was mostly just kidding, but...uhhh...SERIOUSLY- the haircut- it really DOES look good on you. You need to consider the change as permanant possibility. At least, until mullets come back.

(Silly me! As if! We all know a good mullet NEVER go out of style!)