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Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Update from Lanny

Good news!!!

12:15 PM Surgery Success!

Logan is out of surgery and the doc says it went extremely well. The tumor is completely out and it seems everything is looking good. He said the optic nerve was "squeezed" a little and might take some time to recover, but may very well heal from this. Logan came conscious for a bit, long enough to comment about how he had a bad haircut, and to tell the doctor he could see him holding up his fingers on the right side of his vision.

More updates as they come...


Mary said...

SO glad to have all these updates!! We've been praying and fasting for you, Logan-- along with many others, I'm sure. What a relief to have the surgery over, for us to get updates, etc.

Lots of love from us, Mary (& Randy & Audrey) Whitaker

Anonymous said...

Thank you Lanny for your updates. We are glad to know that everything is going well so far. Glad to hear that Logan's sense of humor is still intact (regarding the bad haircut). Logan-you are still in our prayers for a full and speedy recovery.

Paul McAllister

Gately Family said...

Thanks Lanny for doing such a great job at keeping us all informed! It is wonderful to have such a community for support and positive thoughts and prayers.
Give everyone there big hugs for us!

laura said...

Glad to hear it went so well!! And I have to say... Logan is the only person I know that would wake up from brain surgery and make a wise crack about the new haircut. It's good to see nothing's changed.

You're over the big bump... now just take it easy and finish getting better. We miss you over here!

Anonymous said...

Lo-Dawg, you are in our prayers bro. Just remember that bad haircuts are hip in So Cal. The Cougars need you back as soon as possible! Bronco wants you to be fully invested and quickly!

Chris & Annette Flint

aunt sandy said...

It is a relief to be past the surgery! With all the prayers and blessings, the outcome feels right along the track of the feelings and beliefs many of us have held during the past few days! All is well, all is well!!!
We love you Logan,

Love, All the Smiths

Maureen said...

Just as i suspected: test results indicate "nothing there" yay!!!!!!
I overheard you on the speakerphone earlier and you sound great! Miss you and your wonderful wit here at the office. Best wishes for a speedy recovery-Thank you for the blog and the junk in boxes!