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Monday, September 17, 2007

Simple Pleasures

Not too difficult to make Logan happy. Appreciates those little things like:
*trip to doctors office to get staples out
*trip to DMV for temporary handicap tag
*visiting with people in waiting rooms
*being sympathetically ushered to the front of the line (the scar gets great attention)
*walking around/not being in bed all day
*taking a shower by himself
*watching recorded football games (BYU/UCLA; BYU/Tulsa)
*acting retarded and having people believe it
*getting fun packages and cards in the mail
*receiving visitors
*not having a headache all of the time
Pretty soon, he'll be able to keep up this blog by himself...
In the mean time, he has thoroughly enjoyed reading it.


Edward said...

Logan - glad you are doing better. Remember: if you watch the BYU games backwards, they tie & never throw interceptions.

Talk to you soon, Ed

f*bomb. said...

Maybe you should start telling people that footrubs help prevent scarring on your head, too...