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Thursday, September 6, 2007

Day Two - Pretty as a Picture

Logan was relieved to move from ICU and "back home" into his pre-surgery room on the neuro-surgery ward. They saved room 497 for him, because it is the biggest room on the floor and has a nice sleeper-couch for Mom. The nurses on this ward are wonderful. One nurse carefully made him this "skull and crossbones" beanie cap to cover the bandages. Venna, Jenna, and Lanny took him for a walk through the halls...he doesn't want to lose his buff physique. His head is swelling quite a bit, and his left eye is blackening, but other than that, his smiling face is pretty as a picture.


aunt sandy said...

We are so happy to see you smiling today and still praying for your physical comfort and continued return to complete health. Glad to hear that your sense of humor is intact and that you are keeping your mom smiling!

David is anxious to compare mirror scars! Maybe at his wedding... That gives you a few weeks to recup and regroup!

Keep it up! We love it!
Aunt Sandy and Kids
(Oh, and love and hugs to your fellow hall walkers: your mom, dad and sibs! Love them, too!)

Logan said...


You're the best person I've ever knon. If I were a girl, I'd marry you in a heartbeat.


Gately Family said...

You are looking good Logan! So glad that you are up and moving. You are in our constant prayers that you are comfortable as possible throughout your recovery and that your body heals completely. Love that smile and we are happy that you are is good spirits. That is your best assest through all of this.

Thanks for the great updates!

All our love and prayers,

Shawn, Tamara and Kids :)

Randy said...

Looks like yer brain still works buddy! That's a good thing right?

Jeremy and Melissa said...

Logan has to be the only person in the world that could keep everyone laughing before, during, and after brain surgery. Thanks for keeping up this blog - it has meant a lot.

ThomCarter said...


Are you hitting on/ getting a lot of numbers from hot nurses?!?!?

patty said...

Wow you look great. We keep you in all of our prayers. When Cole was here on Wednesday he said that Logan is going to be all better.
Love, The Frandsen's

ATG said...

Dude - call me crazy but I think the doctor punched you in the eye while you were out.
The other funny thing is with your head shaved you kina look like Lanny.
Good to see you alive. Now just kick back, recover and soak in all that pitty attention. You've earned it. - ATG

James Strayer said...

Logan, you are a pimp. I am amazed to see you keeping your sense of humor in a situation like this. And if I were a girl (and not married already), I would marry you as well, assuming you would marry a woman with a goatee. Get better soon man!

PS - the skull and crossbones head wrap is sweet

marahaahaa said...

Thom Carter has some competition in the "I'm sick" department. Logan can trump anything he can whip up with this brain surgery ordeal. Better start coming up with some new material Thom. Logan, That Logan chick who likes you? I'd hit her up. She seems promising.

Karen said...

My oh my, you look FABULOUS! You're just as hot as ever, Logan. I bet the nurses are all over you. It's a good thing your mother is there to chaperone!!

We're thrilled that you've moved out of ICU - and so quickly! You're still in all our prayers every day, and in our hearts always.

With much much love,

Karen & Michael
Heather & Matt
Afton & Clayton

Paulo said...

Hi...we dont know each other,but i saw Shawn making a comment about you in his blog....

Best wishes from Portugal mate =)

rhyll said...

logan, it's like you'll do anything to get attention from girls.

i get so sick of this.

rhalversen said...

Smiling as always, even in tough times. I always admired that about you. Glad to hear things went well and wish you a speedy recovery - Ron

egalbraith said...

Logan, glad you are doing well. I still think it is sad you had to fake this "brain tumor" thing just to get time off work. Then actually going through with it, that is dedication.

Hopefully the doc did not take out the thinking part of the brain; we don't need more "Friends" fans.

Finally, check your bill & be sure they did not overcharge for the haircut. I don't care what others said: it does not really look like a good job. I believe the customary and reasonable charge for a simple shave should be $5-$10 (you know these doctors with their nickel-and-diming...)

Talk to you soon, Ed

Karen said...

I showed Michael the x-ray of your "brain" with the baby fetus inside. He wanted to say that it was lucky that there was at least ONE brain in the x-ray (the baby's).

Love ya

Karen & Michael

Anonymous said...

It is your cousin Jessica. I am so happy surgery was a success! I know that the lord put his hands on you during this time. I hope for the best in your recovery and you are in our thoughts and prayers! You and your family have always been such an amazing example to everyone you come in contact with.
With love,
Jessica, Chris, and Kaesyn

Jessica said...

Just wanted to say that I think it's great your whole attitude during this time is amazing! You truly are such a strong person!!!

Love to everyone!!


Lance said...

Great to hear that you're doing well post-surgery. Yes, you are even famous in Japan!

Aunt Sandy - again! said...

Yeah, you do kind of look like Lanny in this photo...! Maybe it's the haircut? :^)

Hope your head is starting to feel better.

Love you!

PS I think we need to find a female version of that Logan person above... sounds interesting - just your type! And don't forget - we know lots of people who have brain surgery and then end up getting married! (Not to each other, though.)