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Saturday, September 8, 2007

Day Four - CT scan, Resting

Still a bit miserable, has gone from percocet to morphine. Still wants to take his walks and showers in spite of the pain. Bleeding has stopped. Always asks how I (Mom) am doing. CT scan today to see if everything is still healing well. Wants to enjoy the UCLA /BYU game, but the hospital doesn't get that channel.


Anna said...

That is one funky hair cut! Despite that, you look really good Logan. We all really miss you at the office and no one really has anything funny to say. We need YOU back! Can't wait to see you!


Shelli said...

Hey Logan...
What kind of fish performs brain operations?

A neurosturgeon!

I know, stupid joke, but I bet it made you smile. Hope you are feeling better! Maybe you could just tatoo "No Lortab!" across your forhead for those nurses.

Love ya!
Aunt Shelli

Lizzy said...

Hi Logan! You are a rock star. So glad your surgery went so well and you are getting back in the game bit by bit.

Liz Maravilla

ATG said...

Suck! I entered my comment last on the previous blog and no one is going to see it ….and you thought you had problems Logan?! (go read it, it was almost as good at Pat’s comment)
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Man, you gotta love free advertising!!
PS: sorry to capitalize off your pain Logan. Which reminds…in case you are in the process of filling out a will…..Aaron is spelled with 2 A’s.
ATG Was Here!

Anonymous said...

Hey Logan! We just wanted to drop you a note to let you know we have been thinking about you! You are in our thoughts and prayers constantly! Myles is sure to include "you" escpecially in his prayers at night. We check your blog daily to see how you are doing. Know that we love you and your family to pieces and pray for your recovery to quicken! Hugs to all the Barrowes! We love ya'll!!!

The Valentine's
Matt, Heather, Morgan, Myles, and Ansley

Anonymous said...

Logan, this is Brother Johnson, the Pierside High Council Rep. I'm at Stephanie's house. I saw your pictures and I've got to say I've seen you look better. Still, it sounds like the surgery went well. I'm confident you will have a full recovery and will be able to take my niece on lots of dates....Good luck and God bless....Dan

Anonymous said...

Thinking of you and hope you are doing well.


Sneaker said...


I heard about your situation through the old Belmont grapevine and am glad to have this blog to follow your progress. Please know that I am thinking of and praying for you. You look really good despite the pain and headaches! Now that I'm an old married woman I shouldn't make any racy comments about your physique, but...well, you know...you're a devastatingly handsome devil and I'd be shocked if you didn't leave the hospital with at least 100 phone numbers. You're a fighter - stay strong! Love you. -Natalie (Johnson) Hatch

marahaahaa said...

Hey Logan,

whats UP?
Not much here.
Just thought I'd d
p you a few lines to say I was reading all of the posts wishing you well and saying you're in their prayers and thought I'd tell you I wish you well and you're in my prayers.

I'll never forget the time we stayed up all night playing video games and mooning the young women in our ward for setting up your lawn to look like a garage sale.

Ah. Memories.


Karen said...

WHAT??? You're in a hospital in PROVO and they DON'T GET THE BYU GAMES on their television! You gotta be kidding me! You'd better get a HUGE discount on your bill for that!

You look great! I'm giving your blog address to the single ladies (both of them) in our ward to check out. You gotta figure that if they're at all attracted to you in your current condition, you can be rest assured they're not just after you for your good looks!! Just kidding, you're still excruciatingly handsome.

Your smile looks great and the swelling in your eye is greatly reduced. Hope you're feeling tons better by Sunday.

love you lots - Karen & Michael, Afton & Clayton (I see Heather & Matt posted their own comment, so will drop them from MY list)

aunt sandy said...

Hey Logan,
Jake was in San Diego (did I tell you he moved to Costa Mesa for his new job?) and he wanted me to be sure to tell you he has been praying for you. In fact, I got a text from him the day we saw you at the hospital. He said: "I will be praying for him. I know he will be okay." Amazingly serious for someone who generally jokes through life like you do! In fact, as I think about it, he does it with a straight face - just like you!

Glad to see you are smiling; sorry to hear you are still in alot of pain and suffering with nausea. But then, ya gotta really feel bad for your friend and his blisters and not being able to run for two days! You know, we always have to put things into perspective, don't we!

Sleep well tonight... Be a sport and take their stupid drugs!

Love you!

Anonymous said...

Hey Logan, it's Angel (your cousin Dave's soon-to-be-wife). Does that make me your cousin-in-law? First-cousin-twice-removed-in-law? Never could figure that system out...

You know everyone keeps saying that chicks dig scars. Well, it's true. That was the major selling point for me when I first met David. Now we're getting married. So use that scar wisely, Grasshopper. Give those poor girls a fighting chance. The sense of humor, great smile, brainiotomy scar is a devastating one-two punch. (I guess that would make it a one-two-three punch. Being blond, I sometimes have to do a recount...)

Our prayers (and the prayers of lots of people you've never met) are with you and your family every day.
:) Angel & Dave

(P.S. If you're going to stay in Utah for a while, you might wanna do something about that haircut. If you're coming back to So Cal soon, don't bother because nobody will notice & you'll fit right in...)

Monica said...

Logan!!! Glad to hear you're recovering so well and to see that you are looking as hot as ever. Perhaps even hotter than normal (if that's even possible). Just wanted to let you know we all thought of you while we were at the game today. Seriously, it wasn't the same without you. We missed you! I think I can safely say we all would have had a much better time had you been there. But you keep on keeping on. Be strong. And hopefully we see you soon!


Paulo said...

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Handsome, Handsome Grandpa said...

You were in more pain yesterday than anyone should have to bear. I hope today (Sunday) will be a day of rest from pain for you.
I do suggest that you tell none of your male friends about your shower. The hospital, though large, could not handle a stampede of that many men with no symptoms.

Handsome Grandpa

Grandma Roberts said...

Precious Logan,

It's Sunday morning and my first act of the day is this one! I've finished reading all your mail (what a snoop!) and marvel at modern technology! There were lots of loving words and lots of fun stuff -- and it all adds up to CARING! We join with all your "fan club" who have always known or more recently come to know that you are a most wonderful young man -- I can't think of a single fault; I never could. And so I just hate so much to see you hurting....and hurting...and hurting!

"Time always passes" is a favorite and true saying I cling to when things are "tough." So just "hang in there" and may time more quickly heal all that dreadful pain. And may it happen SOON!!!! That is what our pleadings are in our prayers.

We love you, love you, simply love you!

Love, Grandma (Roberts)

Gately Family said...

Hey there Logan,

We just wanted to let you know we are still paying for you that your pain will subside and you can rest and heal. You are looking great and I am sure your Mom can fix that crazy hair cut they gave you.

Were you able to watch/listen to any of the game? I won't ruin it for you in case you didn't.

I'm intrigued about that shower. I am also impressed that you are wanting to be so active inspite of the pain and discomfort. You keep it up and DO let them take care of you, Judy that means YOU too, those nurses are there for a reason. You'll get your turn when he comes home.

All our love,

Shawn, Tamara, McKenna, Jonah and Griffin :)

Mikelle said...

Hey Logan,
I'm sad to hear you're in so much pain and misery. Is the morphine helping at all?

It's amazing to me that you're still smiling, walking the halls and taking showers despite the circumstances. You are so strong. You're an inspiration to all of us. Hopefully today will be a better day for you. Our thoughts and prayers are with you.
Mikelle and Jeremy

P.S. How's your vision since the surgery?

Cathy said...

How am I going to teach today without you smiling at me with your mischevious little grin??? I'm really glad to hear you've switched to morphine. I hear that's a REALLY good one ;) Enjoy that!! We'll miss you at church today. P.S. Your hair kind of looks like you're trying to do an early 90's impression. You just need to shave lines in your eyebrows now.

jeremy said...

Hey Logan, Hope you are feeling much better today!! I must tell you the surgury has added years to your life. You look like you are 18 in those pictures!! But seriously buddy I hope all is well. I dont know if I have ever told you my hospital story? It might not compare to what you are going through but I know you need support. I am glad you are getting it. Long days in the hospital are difficult, but you are doing the right things in staying active. My prayers are with you my friend.

p.s. the best hospital treatment is Sienfield and MASH while one pain killers! that is what i use to look forward to every night :)

Jeremy T

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