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Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Nurse, cancel the rest of my patients

I finally got my MRI results and I figured that everyone would be interested in seeing what the tumor looks like. Apparently mine is a pretty unique situation. Rather than calling it a tumor "extraction" they call this a tumor "delivery". Depending on the difficulty they may even need to do a C-Section. If it is healthy I will name it Judy, after my mother.


orlando (Lanny) said...


"name it after mom" that made me laugh.

Logan, you're awesome.

Anna said...

It looks just like you! Small but packing a huge punch! You are hilarious!

Marianne said...

And all this time I thought it was going to be Jr. Mints! But looks like Jr. something else. Dang. Hey, congratulations! And best of luck to you with this amazing development.

The kids wanted to come see you again tonight, but it's getting late, so they're emailing you. (They love attachments.) Check it if you dare.

Greg said...


Good luck tomorrow Logan! It is good timing to have the surgery in mid-week because you won't miss the BYU game. ;) My family is praying for you. I'll talk with you later this week.

Anonymous said...

We just got the news about your surgery through emails from Thom Carter and Andrew Petersen. We will be praying that your surgeons and doctors will be guided and that you will make a speedy and full recovery.

All our best!

Paul and Stacy McAllister

Anonymous said...

Paul and Stacy forwarded me the info on your current situation. You will be in our every prayer. We will pray specifically and full of faith that all goes well for you in the surgery and recovery. I hope we can come visit you - it's been a long time!
I remember being so impressed that you came with Paul and stayed at the hospital with me when I got stitches on my knee after falling running home from Paul's apt. in King Henry. (such an insignifican thing, but at the time I really appreciated you being there and helping out) You have always been such an enjoyable good person to be around - filled with witty comments and funny actions but filled with a depth and compassion that not everyone has a gift for - We wish you all the best and hope to see you looking and feeling well in no time!

Catherine McAllister Shapiro

Anonymous said...

look i figured it out aren't you so proud! your amazing and this is a great way to cover up you going to rehab for being addicted to me! love you tell your mom hi.

Carpfam said...

Logan! We have been keeping you in our prayers and hope everything goes well tomorrow. Thank goodness you are in Utah with your family, and especially your sweet mom to take care of you.
Liz, Matt and the girls
If you get bored our blog is carpfam.blogspot.com

marahaahaa said...

this better not be a stunt to get chicks to fall in love with you. That never works. I once pretended I had Rickets, but that just grossed girls out.