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Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Day Eight - Going Home

Hard to believe that Logan is already eight days into recovery. Looks forward to different bed, sleeping on his stomach, healthier food, less interruptions in the middle of the night, better TV, and more hair. Will miss...uh...well, I guess he won't miss the hospital...even though they have been pretty good to him.


Jeff said...

That is a NICE shirt Logan. You look like a million bucks in that shirt. Where'd you get it? Anyway, glad to see you're GOING HOME!!! What a relief. Soak up all the pampering you can get while you're at home cause when you get back here it's back to the real world, I ain't gonna be rubbin your feet, bringing you food, and making your wish my command. I mean i'll be excited to see you and all and stoked to have you back, just not gonna pamper you.

Rodney said...

looking good Logan. thanks for the updates. keep them coming.

Anna said...

Your mom always picks out the best colors for you! I have always said that...tell her to come out to California to help Jeremy out! hahah! You look great Logan!

Mikelle said...

Congratulations Logan! I'm so glad you're home and being well taken care of. There's no better place to be recovering!

aunt sandy said...

Ahhhh.... I think others have said (Dorothy in Wizard of Oz), and I am sure you will agree, "There's no place like home...", and you don't even have to go to Kansas to be home! I didn't see any bling-y red shoes, either!

So glad you are past the worst of this. You have been such an inspiration to all of us as you have faced this all head on and with such a faithful, courageous attitude.

We love you, Logan!

Aunt Sandy (and Cousins)