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Thursday, December 27, 2007

Flying the Smelly Skies

When I fly, I always try to get an aisle seat. It keeps me from feeling claustrophobic, allows me to stretch my leg into the aisle, and also enables me to get up and use the restroom without having to wake anyone up.

Over Memorial Day weekend, I visited some friends in Austin. During the flight that took me from Orange County airport to Dallas (a 3-hour flight), I chose the final remaining aisle seat, since all the others available seating options were middle seats and I figured that the aisle would still be better even though it was the very back row. It turns out that having a seat in the bathroom would have been better. Throughout the flight, people were lined up to use the bathroom situated right behind my seat. Not only did I have someone’s butt hanging over my seat the majority of the time, I got a delightfully potent whiff every time someone finished using the commode and opened the door. By the time I landed I felt like I needed a shower.

(repost from May 15, 2007)


Suzanne & Ben said...

I hate sitting by the bathroom, It's so nasty! I'm glad you made such a sacrifice to visit Austin. Please come back soon - this time Lucas won't cry as much. When we saw Lij, he said Lucas was much more fun now.

Melissa, Jeremy, & Boston said...

That was so funny! I was laughing out loud! Sorry you got stuck in that seat, but it was totally funny! -Melissa