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Thursday, December 27, 2007

The Airport is No Place for Dignity or Self-Respect

When I’m at the airport and I see a person sprint passed me with their luggage, my first thought is to how ridiculous that person looks. I’m almost embarrassed for them. Yesterday I got to step into their shoes.

When I arrived at the airport, I knew I was early for my flight. I causally strolled to the kiosk to print out my ticket, opening doors for people on my way and acting like I didn’t have a care in the world. The kiosk didn’t pull my ticket up, so I waited patiently in line and finally spoke with the representative at the desk. She verified my flight information and then kindly notified me that I had showed up to the wrong airport.

The next hour was kind of a blur. I remember something about sprinting to my car with no regard for people in my way, driving in super slow traffic, cutting in line at the new airport, and scampering around from check-in to security and back over and over again with some Chinese guy to get on the flight. After running in circles and ringing the buzzer at the desk for at least the fifth time (since everyone at check-in had already left for the gate), a representative from another airline finally told me to stop ringing the buzzer because it was annoying the people around me. It finally sank in that I had missed my flight, and I became composed and relaxed once again. I rescheduled my flight and headed for the exit.As I was leaving the airport to go home, I saw some guy dashing in to catch his flight with no regard for his appearance or for the concept of lines since he obviously had no problem cutting in front of other people. I couldn’t help but roll my eyes. What an idiot.


Karen said...

ohmigosh! You're back! I have really missed you, Logan. Your mom keeps me up-to-date with your comings and goings and how fabulous you are doing - and how fabulous you look (no surprise there, eh?). I'm truly sorry I've missed you when I've been in Utah (and you haven't) or you've been in Utah (and I haven't). So glad to hear you're a-ok.
loveya, Karen

omygoodnessmandi said...

haha this is so funny