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Thursday, December 27, 2007

Superman to the Rescue

Yesterday the fire alarm in our building went off, so we all marched down the steps and out into the front outside area of the building. I was walking next to a girl that I work with. Once outside, the girl I was with was caught her high heels on a step and started to tumble. I, being in the best position to catch her, heroically reached out my arms to stop her from falling. In the split second that followed, I noticed that my arms were positioned just right to grab her chest. Without thinking, I instinctively pulled my hands back. I ended up grabbing part of her arm as she sprawled awkwardly to the concrete below. Her knee started bleeding, so I bravely ran into the building with sirens blazing all around me to get some paper towels and a band-aid to stop the bleeding. She thanked me later for the band-aid. Another victory for this superhero!

(repost from May 31, 2007)

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marianne007 said...

You really are a superhero, Logan. Want to join our rock band for supers only? "The Supes" we call ourselves. I believe you would make a super guitarist. I just have this feeling about it. I'm super-intuitive, you know. But I'm better at bass. It was fun to hang out over Christmas. Hope to see you again soon!