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Thursday, June 12, 2008

What Everyone Looks For In A Drink

When deciding on a tasty beverage to drink, we all consider the taste, the price, and of course, the drinkability. There is nothing worse than going to the store to buy a drink and finding out that it is not very drinkable. That's why I'm glad that I saw the commercial for Miller Lite (or maybe it was Budweiser or Coors, I can never remember). I learned that not only does it taste good, it has great drinkability. I wish more products were as specific as this in their commercials. I'm always looking for a shirt with great wearability or a chair with great sitability. Maybe I'll go get one of these drinkable drinks while I come up with examples that don't suck quite so bad.


Melissa, Jeremy, & Boston said...

LOL; I laughed when I saw this commerical. He's hilarious!
PS: Our computer broke down and I lost your mailing and email address. Will you please email it to me or Jer? Thanks!

Sidemoss said...

I like sitability. I thought it said stability when I first looked at it and that would have worked too, but wouldn't have been as funny.