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Monday, September 21, 2009

Gimme Some Sugar

Right now I'm sitting in my room wondering why I am listening to Sugar Ray's new album "Music for Cougars". I'm not exactly sure if that title implies that this music is appealing to wildlife or if they are just trying to reach out to their old fan base - most of whom would now be older women. There's a better chance that it was meant for the former, since I can't honestly believe that even desperate cougars would really enjoy this new attempt to become relevant again in the pop music scene. All one has to do is listen to the painfully bad lyrics and melody of "Girls Were Made To Love" to see why these guys aren't going platinum again anytime soon.

Back in the late 90's, I enjoyed the simple, poppy tunes created by Sugar Ray. I gladly overlooked the verifiable fact that Sugar Ray sold out from their original sound (To verify this, all one must do is listen to their original album "Floored" - which is comprised of one radio-friendly song and twelve mind-numbingly bad songs that couldn't even be considered people friendly - and comparing it with any track off of Sugar Ray's ensuing albums, which astonishingly sound almost exactly like the one good hit). One could argue that as they matured musically their hits became more tolerable. This argument would be flawed, mostly because Sugar Ray never achieved any kind of musical maturity that I am aware of, and that includes their latest attempt.

That said, I never cared much about relevancy in the pop music scene, which is why I still have them in my current playlist.

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Suzy said...

their first album was really scary. I remember that. L- maybe you should get a gig as a music, food, life critic! You could make millions.
Miss you...