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Monday, February 18, 2008

Be The Pretzel

A number of my coworkers engage in the absurd practice of Yoga. Anytime the conversation around the office gravitates towards that subject, I refrain from making too many comments in order to hide my complete ignorance. As far as I know, Yoga consists of a bunch of men and women in eighties aerobic outfits twisting their bodies into unnatural positions while meditating and chanting Chinese anecdotes. Rather than take the time to figure out what it is all about, I have always chosen to take the high road, which consists of simply judging anyone who participates. Recently I convinced myself to give Yoga a shot purely to enlighten myself on the subject. As it turns out I was right all along. Throughout the hour-long class I was twisted like a pretzel while the Yoga instructor morphed into Confucius and began spewing forth Chinese proverbs and other words of wisdom. I faintly recall her saying “be excellent to each other” at some point. It was a pretty strange and awkward experience. I'll probably only go once or twice more... this week.


linds said...

Yoga is the best thing I ever did with my life. Seriously. And that pose is called LOTUS. Its one of my favorites.

orlando said...

"Be excellent to each other."